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Humans vs Robots


A 5e D&D actual play podcast about two cousins who find themselves at the center of the second robot apocalypse.

04 | Over Humans vs Robots

The cousins make their brake for it
  1. 04 | Over
  2. 03 | Under
  3. 02 | Breaking
  4. 01 | Billy

The Story Network
Book Club


Fortnightly literary analysis and book discussion.

032 | Rising Sun The Story Network Book Club

This week Steve, Isaiah, and Mason read Rising Sun by Micheal Creaton Like…
  1. 032 | Rising Sun
  2. 030 | The Art of Racing in the Rain
  3. 029 |Life of Pi
  4. 28 | The Tombs of Atuan
  5. 27 | Sphere



A new table top system straight from us here at The Story Network.
More info soon.

Humans vs Robots

Sci-fi actual play with a focus on dramatic storytelling and character development
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The Story Network Book Club

Reading literature and breaking down decisions in narrative and methodology
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2d10 System

We are getting every closer to release and will happily let you know when the core game is complete
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More on the horizon

We always have more irons in the fire and are excited to share our new projects with you as soon we can
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