Halloween 2019 Special | That Only A Mother

Halloween 2019 Special | That Only A Mother
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This episode Steve, Isaiah, and Mason kick off our 2019 Halloween countdown with Judith Merill’s That Only a Mother.
We’ll be back (the next 5), tomorrow(s) with more spooky short stories in our buildup to Stephen King’s The Shining releasing on Halloween morning.

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The 2019 Halloween lineup:

Saturday 26th : Born of Man and Woman by Richard Matheson

Sunday 27th : Spirals by Junji Ito

Monday 28th : I Have no Mouth and I must Scream by Harlan Ellison

Tuesday 29th : Apt Pupil by Stephen King

Wednesday 30th : The Call of Cathulu by H.P. Lovecraft

Thursday 31st : The Shinning by Stephen King

After Halloween we will return with Tuesday November 5th with Yoon Ha Lee’s Hexarchate Stories, a short story collection expanding on the Machinery of Empires series.